Steel Vs Concrete

Steel piers can withstand 50,000 PSI of end pressure while concrete piers are rated for 5,000 PSI. Steel piers are smooth and have the lowest skin friction while concrete piers are porous, causing more skin friction and keeping the pier from achieving the depth to support the house over time.


We Go To Bedrock

With a steel pier system we build up friction at a lower rate which allows us to drive our pipe down to as far as 80 feet in some parts of the DFW area. Most concrete piers can only travel 6-8 feet due to the clay content in North Texas which will not support the weight of the house for a long period of time. We achieve bed rock or load bearing strata every time.


Unlimited Lifetime Transferable Warranty

We offer a Free Unlimited Lifetime transferrable warranty. We do not charge a transfer fee, and we do not have a time limit on transfers like many companies do. We simply put the best product under your house and stand behind that with the best warranty.

More Services

  • Pier & Beam Leveling

    We repair and shim existing piers as well as add additional piers if needed. We can replace rotten wood beams and add beams in places where additional support is needed. We use steel shims when re-leveling your house for better results.

  • Soil Work

    We level low spots, or add or remove soil in order to help with potential foundation issues. We can change elevations of lots to help with water pooling.

  • Drainage

    We can cut in channels or trenches in yards to allow for better drainage and allow water to get away from the perimeter of house as well as install drains to remove excess water.

  • Concrete Repair

    We can remove patios, porches, walk ways and other concrete and replace with new concrete to give a new look to some old eye sores you may have.

  • Gutters

    Fixing gutters is a common solution to some water issues resulting in foundation issues. We can install gutters to your house for a preventative solution, as well as install them after the foundation repair has occurred to keep rainwater away from the foundation.

  • Foundation Inspection

    We provide quality structural inspections for clients not only in the buying and selling phase of your home, but also as a routine preventive program to help avoid costly repairs down the road. We can schedule a maintenance plan and have a service tech do semi- annual inspections to cut off problems before they start.